Connection between Heel Motion and Torque in crank revolution


  • Masahiro Fukuda


In cycling, Torque is made from pedaling. Recently some power meters measure torque in pedaling. Especially Pioneer Power Meter (Pedaling Monitor System - Pioneer Corporation, Tokyo Japan) can measure torque and power in 12 zones in each crank revolution. Using this system, we can easily learn every torque pattern of cyclists are different. Furthermore, we already know ever pedaling of cyclists are different, some of these cyclists have different pedal motion in Left and Right, their L/R balance are different. While in pedaling, forefoot is fixed with cleat, vertical heel motion relative to the pedal angle. From these observations, we can make an assumption that heel motion affects torque. So, this research is carried out in order to find out which heel motion increase torque in a crank revolution.


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