Analysis of gender policies of the Spanish cycling and triathlon federations from the point of view of representative athletes and expert technicians


  • Mayte Leruite Faculty of Sport Sciences University of Granada (Spain)


The Spanish National Sports Council, through its program “Women and Sport” (published in the Decree Pre/525/2005), implements specific entities in Spanish cycling and triathlon federations with the aim of promoting the sportswomen involvement in the physical activity and sport on similar terms with sportsmen, trying to overcome the barriers which nowadays hamper gender equality in this areas. In this work, we try to analyze the current situation of cycling and triathlon in Spain, with the aim of rebuilding, through content analysis and key information analysis, the general current context of competition where Spanish female cyclists and triathletes are participating. This study, enclosed in the interpretative paradigm, uses a qualitative methodology. Feedback from 17 interviewees has been compiled: 8 sportspeople (4 cyclists and 4 triathletes) and 9 managers/staff members linked to triathlon and cycling federations (President of International Triathlon Union, President of Spanish National Sports Council, secretaries-general, Presidents of Women and Sport Commission, Team managers and coaches from both sports federations of cycling and triathlon). The instrument used for this study was a semi-structured interview. Data showed a situation in need of a change, where a modification of the regulatory framework in sports area, a revision of gender-related policies applied by sports federations, and a modernization of federation management would be advisable.


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Author Biography

Mayte Leruite, Faculty of Sport Sciences University of Granada (Spain)

PhD in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (University of Granada and Liverpool John Moores University). Vicedean and Senior Lecturer of masters study of Cycling and Science and Cycling (PhD studies) in the Faculty of Sport Sciences (University of Granada). Director of the Cycling Research Center ( Author of various scientific papers about cycling and training. Member of the CTS545 research group "Physical activity, sport, and ergonomics for the quality of life". Master level in High Performance Sport (Spanish Olympic Committee and UPM). Coach of different international pro cyclists. Director of Projects for the prevention of Doping (Spanish Cycling Federation) 2008-Now. Technical Director of the Spanish Cycling Federation 2007-2008. Spanish Mountain Bike Team Manager 2004-2006. Coach in the Spanish Cycling Federation 1999-2004. UCI Level Cycling Manager. Former Motocross rider and former cyclist, now master 30 cyclist.



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