Together against doping: doping prevention from nada Germany


  • D Müser


TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING is a national program run by the Prevention Department of the National Anti Doping Agency Germany (NADA). TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING offers athletes and those who work with them a personal platform and concrete support in their efforts toward clean sport. Awareness for clean sport needs to be raised among young athletes in particular, who need guidance in everyday situations. In addition to the athletes and those close to them (coaches, doctors, assistants, parents, teachers), the German federal and state governments, as well as individual districts and many sport organizations, come together to form the foundation of TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING.


Behavioral prevention: Influencing the behavior of athletes and those close to them.

TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING is the main program in reaching this goal.

Structural prevention: Having an impact on structural conditions in the area of sport.

National Prevention Plan (NDPP) as a political structure to coordinate the prevention activities in Germany and create synergies.



In this presentation, approaches to doping prevention work and current key projects, including a successful e-learning tool, digital jump and run game “Born to Run,” and a documentary film on the life of East German transgender doping victim Andreas Krieger will be discussed.


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