Analysis of falls in different rounds of the supercross world cup in the netherlands and belgium

Guilherme de Azambuja Pussieldi, Pedro Pereira Pussieldi, Luciano Bernardes Leite


The study aimed to verify the number of falls of men and women during the two rounds of the Supercross BMX Cycling World Cup in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2017, and check which straight have the most falls. And, also, to verify if there is difference between the circuits in relation to the number of falls of the athletes in these two competitions. For this, an analysis of the official two-rounds films of the BMX Cycling World Cup Supercross in 2017 was carried out in Papendal (Holland) and Zolder (Belgium) in May 2017. The number of falls of the athletes was analyzed by observing and counting the number of these. A total of 189 male and 45 female athletes participated in the study, and all the two events were analyzed, verifying in which straight the falls occurred. It is possible to conclude the second straight in both straights was the one that presented more number of falls, and the track of Belgium presented more number of falls.


Falls; BMX Cycling; BMX Track; High Performance

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